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Childbirth and age can cause changes in the strength of your vaginal muscles. As the tissue weakens and stretches, you might notice that your vagina isn’t as toned as it once was. When this happens, it can impact sexual function and enjoyment. Vaginal tightening can help. Thomas T. Lee, MD, FACOG, Corazon Navarro, MD, and the team at Grand Medical Group OB-GYN in Montclair, California, offer a variety of solutions for women looking to improve their sex lives with vaginal rejuvenation. Call the office to schedule an appointment and learn more about vaginal tightening options.

Vaginal Tightening Q & A

How does the vagina change over time?

Old wives’ tales may say that having sex frequently stretches out your vagina and makes it loose, but that isn’t the case. The amount of sex you have doesn’t change your vagina — but childbirth and age can.

If you deliver a baby vaginally, your vaginal muscles stretch a huge amount to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. It’s normal to notice a looser vagina in the days following birth, but your vagina will typically regain its elasticity soon after. If you’ve had more than one baby, you’re more likely to have weaker vaginal muscles.

As you age, your muscles weaken, and your hormones change. As early as age 40, your estrogen levels drop, which can result in less elasticity around the vaginal walls. You might notice that your vagina is drier, less flexible, and possibly uncomfortable.

What is vaginal tightening?

The term vaginal tightening is often used to describe exercises or treatments that help weakened vaginal muscles regain some of their strength. At Grand Medical Group OB-GYN, the team is equipped to assist you in finding the best vaginal tightening methods for your lifestyle.

There are a number of popular nonsurgical options for vaginal tightening, including Kegel exercises — intentionally tightening your pelvic floor muscles — and pelvic tilt exercises. For many patients at Grand Medical Group OB-GYN, the addition of nonsurgical procedures like InMode Votiva can make a big difference.

The InMode Votiva treatment system employs radiofrequency to stimulate blood flow and muscle relaxation. Starting a treatment plan for weakened pelvic floor muscles can help revitalize the muscles and manage conditions like mild urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and painful sex.

For more serious cases of vaginal weakness, the doctors may recommend surgery. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery is a cosmetic procedure in which Dr. Lee and Dr. Navarro bring together the vaginal muscles that have separated over time.

How does the InMode Votiva work?

A popular nonsurgical vaginal tightening procedure at Grand Medical Group OB-GYN, the InMode Votiva system works to stimulate the muscles of the vagina. Using a special instrument, the doctors target your weak muscles with radiofrequency. The radio waves heat the muscle tissue, promoting blood flow and muscle tightening.

If you receive Votiva treatment, expect your sessions to last about 20 minutes each. Patients report improved sexual function, as well as management of related conditions like mild urinary incontinence.

You don’t have to live with weakened vaginal walls that negatively impact your sex life. Grand Medical Group OB-GYN offers both surgical and nonsurgical options to strengthen and tighten your vagina, revitalizing your sex life. Call the office to learn more today.

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